Cosa Active/Junior hip abduction orthosis

Inconspicuously effective

The Cosa Active/Junior is referred to as a hip abduction orthosis. If the patient has a scissor gait, the orthosis prevents crossing of the knees and allows for more stable standing and sitting thanks to the abduction pads. This means you or your child need to expend less energy to cover greater distances.

The functional orthosis also promotes a physiological gait pattern thanks to the improved pelvic symmetry and increased freedom of movement for the knees. The Cosa Active/Junior is also helpful for those who use a wheelchair – it makes additional wheelchair pommels unnecessary. You can use the orthosis from childhood all the way up to adulthood.

  • Prevents the “scissor gait”, as is typically seen in types of infantile cerebral palsy
  • The orthosis can easily be worn together with ankle-foot orthoses
  • Various standard sizes for children and adults
  • Your O&P professional can individually adapt the pads and straps

Zip makes it easy to put on and take off

The Cosa line includes the Cosa Active and the Cosa Junior. While the latter covers sizes 80–116 (this corresponds to a body height of 74–122 cm) and does not feature a zip, the Cosa Active is available in size 128 to unisex size L (women’s 46 and men’s 54).

Soft, breathable material

The Cosa Active/Junior is made of a stretchable, breathable material which is comfortable to wear and helps minimise perspiration. The trousers are easy to clean and are machine washable at 40°. The starter set contains two pairs of trousers and a pair of pommels for regular changing and washing.

Straps can be individually positioned

The individually adjustable straps stabilise and secure the pads and strengthen the outward position.

Abduction pads

The abduction pads are fitted inside the extra padding pouches sewn into the trousers above the knee. The pads act as an artificial gap between the knees, thereby facilitating a more stable gait pattern. An O&P professional can individually adapt the pads.

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Inconspicuously effective

The Cosa Active and the Cosa Junior improve torso control and stabilise standing and sitting with pads between the legs. Mobility is also increased through reduction of the scissor gait (spastic crossing of the legs). The freedom of knee movement results in an improved gait pattern overall.

High level of wearer comfort

Breathable, soft material, straps that can be individually positioned as well as the zip (Cosa Active) for easy donning and doffing: All this ensures a high level of wearer comfort.

A broad range of combination possibilities

The orthosis makes additional wheelchair pommels unnecessary, as the abduction pads provide a wider sitting base when the user is seated as well. Lower leg orthoses can be easily combined with the Cosa Active/Junior in order to stabilise the gait pattern.

Suitable for day or nighttime wear

The Cosa Active/Junior can be worn during the day and at night. It can help to prevent the knees from rubbing together at night in particular.

Easy care

The Cosa Active/Junior can be easily washed in the machine at 40 . The pads can be removed for this purpose.


  • Diplegia, spastic
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Hip joint subluxation, congenital
  • Hypotonicity
  • Tetraplegia, spastic